The Price You Pay

My new video for ‘The Price You Pay’ came out today, directed by Josh Warburton and Adam Crosby. Produced and edited by Peter Dreimanis/Vulture Culture Films/July Talk. When you watch this, keep in mind that these guys are really hitting each other. You can’t fake contact in super slow motion.


Looks like I’ll be playing my second show ever next weekend. Saturday June 15th at Lee’s Palace for NxNE as part of a very eclectic lineup. Feel free to join the Facebook event here:

We’ll be playing material from both the album and EP. Probably this Devo cover again as well in case you missed it:

And you can find out more about NxNE here:

I Wake Up Every Day – New Video / EP

My newest video is finally out. This is the best video I’ve ever had the pleasure of making, and I hope you all enjoy it as well. It’s for the song, ‘I Wake Up Every Day’ from my recent album, ‘What We Want’. Check it out:

And to celebrate the release, I’ve decided to release an EP along with the video. It features four new songs that I really should have held on to and put on the next record, but I just couldn’t wait. You can listen here:

Or buy it on iTunes here:


“The Price You Pay” on Exclaim TV

The wait is over. My new record – What We Want – is finally out. It always amazes me that something I finished working on months and months ago takes so long to actually find its way to the record store, but I guess that’s how the machine runs. At least it’s here now. You can download it from iTunes here: or order a CD copy here:

In the mean time, here is a little online session we did for Exclaim! TV. Shot live at The Dreamhouse (where I work):

“Credit!” Video and Other News

One week to go until my record finally drops (Feb 5), and a few more days after that until the first show! (Feb 9, Horseshoe). There have already been various streams of the record in advance that you can find out there, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Most notably for now though, here is the first video! The song is called ‘Credit!’, and the video was directed and produced by Vulture Culture films. We went from idea to completion in about two weeks. I’ve never been a part of a video that was so quick and easy, but here it is.

Welcome to my new site!

As many of you know, I have dropped the ‘Small Sins’ name and will be releasing my next record, ‘What We Want’, as Thomas D’Arcy. This site will deal with everything related to my new ‘solo’ career, as well as anything else I happen to be working on. The good people at MapleMusic have given me my own imprint, ‘Thomas D’Arcy Music’, with which I will be able to not only release my own music, but the music of a few other artists as well. Thus in the future, this site is sort of a label site as well.

As you can probably see by the banners and things, there is already a fair amount of news to report. The new record will be out on Feb. 5th, as well as the first ever live performance/record release party on Saturday Feb. 9th at The Horseshoe. You can stream the first two songs by clicking on the Soundcloud link or going to my Facebook and giving me a much needed ‘like’.

There are probably a few things not quite running yet, but give us a few days to smooth the beta in to the final. Thanks for visiting.